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How much does it cost to stay in a glamping dome in New Brunswick?

Glamping domes in New Brunswick are attracting more and more adventurers looking for a luxurious escape into the great outdoors. With the growing popularity of this type of vacation, it’s natural to wonder how much it costs to stay in a glamping dome .

This article takes a close look at the costs of a glamping dome stay, detailing each aspect to guide you in your choice of glamping accommodation in New Brunswick.

The location of the glamping site

The price of a glamping dome stay can obviously be linked to the location in which this unusual accommodation is located. The idyllic location amidst nature and the diverse experiences offered play a vital role in the pricing of this luxurious outdoor getaway. When the glamping dome is nestled in an exceptional natural environment, offering breathtaking panoramas and hiking trails as far as the eye can see, it undeniably adds value to the overall experience.

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Nearby activities influence the price

Outdoor activities

Proximity to outdoor activities, such as guided hikes or local excursions, can justify additional costs by providing visitors with total immersion in natural beauty thanks to the domes’ abundant fenestration.

Water activities

The price of a glamping dome can also be influenced by water activities such as fishing, kayaking, canoeing and personal watercraft. The presence of such opportunities adds a touch of natural luxury to the glamping dome stay, but also contributes to the increase in the price of the stay.

The influence of the seasons on glamping prices

The cost of a glamping dome stay is not static and is closely linked to seasonal variations. Each season brings its own set of opportunities and challenges, influencing prices and the overall glamping experience.

The price of a stay in spring

In spring, when nature awakens after winter, prices can be influenced by the blooming of flowers and the return of greenery. Milder temperatures can make glamping more attractive, and the chance to enjoy nature’s rebirth may justify slightly higher rates.

During summer

Summer is usually peak season for glamping. With longer days and ideal weather conditions, rates can peak. Summer activities, such as hikes, campfire parties, and outdoor excursions, may be at their peak, warranting additional costs.

What is the price in autumn?

In the fall, when the leaves change color and the air becomes crisp, glamping offers a different experience. The cost of staying in glamping domes may reflect the popularity of this period, where autumn colors create a warm ambiance. Activities focused on harvests, campfires and evenings under the stars can influence prices.

And in winter ?

In winter, some glamping sites offer a unique experience under the snow. Costs for a dome stay may vary depending on demand for this winter experience.

Activities such as snowshoeing, Nordic baths and cozy meals around the fire can justify additional costs, offering a different but equally captivating glamping adventure.

It is during this period that the demand for glamping tends to decrease, which can lead to cheaper rates.

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Amenities will impact the rental price

The cost of a glamping dome stay can be influenced by various amenities offered by the property.

These amenities add value to the overall glamping experience and can justify higher rates.

Here are some of the amenities that can influence the price of a glamping dome stay.


Having a private full bathroom is often considered a luxury amenity when glamping. Having a private bathroom inside the dome rather than having to use shared facilities may justify additional costs.


A glamping dome with a full kitchen or well-equipped cooking area offers visitors the opportunity to prepare their meals, adding a dimension of self-sufficiency. This convenience inevitably influences the price of a glamping dome.

Number of beds

The number of beds in a glamping dome is a key feature to consider when planning your stay. This convenience is essential to ensure the accommodation meets your specific capacity needs, but it is an important factor that influences the price of a glamping dome stay. Some domes also offer an extra bed, ideal for children.

Electricity and heating

The availability of electricity and heat can be crucial, especially in areas with colder temperatures like New Brunswick. Glamping domes with these amenities may be priced higher due to the added comfort they offer and the costs this imposes on site owners.

Facilities during your stay


The presence of a jacuzzi can contribute to an exceptional relaxation experience. Glamping domes that offer relaxing hot tubs may have higher rates due to the addition of this wellness experience.

Outdoor fireplace

Having an outdoor fireplace is a popular glamping amenity. Imagine yourself around a campfire, under the stars, creating a warm atmosphere. This option can add an extra dimension to your glamping experience, but it can also influence prices due to its particular appeal.


The inclusion of a television in the glamping dome provides an additional entertainment option. Whether it’s watching an evening movie or catching up on the news, this convenience can impact the cost of your dome glamping stay.


Wifi has become an essential convenience, even outdoors. The inclusion of a wifi connection in the glamping dome allows visitors to stay connected to nature while being in touch with the outside world. Wifi availability is a factor that influences the price of a glamping dome.

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The duration of the stay; duration of stay

The length of the glamping stay plays a crucial role not only in the overall experience, but also in the costs. Whether you opt for a short getaway or a more prolonged immersion in nature, the length of your stay can influence various aspects of your glamping experience.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a glamping dome cost in New Brunswick?

Prices may vary depending on various factors mentioned in this article, but, generally, prices range between $200 and $300 per night.

When is the cheapest price to stay in a glamping dome?

The price of a stay in a glamping dome can vary depending on several factors:

Low season

Prices may be lower during the low season when demand is lower.

Weekdays that are not public holidays

Costs may be lower midweek compared to weekends.

During a special offer

Glamping site owners may offer special deals or discounts during certain times of the year.

What are the cheapest glamping domes?

On Quisibis Dômes, you will find glamping domes in the great outdoors available at low costs. These luxurious domes offer you all the comfort you need for a personalized and relaxing glamping experience.

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Does a stay in a glamping dome cost more than camping?

In general, glamping is a little more expensive than traditional camping. Glamping domes often come equipped with more luxurious amenities, like comfortable beds, electricity, heating, wifi, hot tubs, and more. which can increase the cost per night.

In comparison, a traditional campground doesn’t offer many amenities and you have to bring all your gear. Camping, if you have to buy everything, then might be more expensive than a stay in a glamping dome where everything is included.

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