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10 unusual accommodations in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is home to much more than sublime landscapes.

Beyond its green forests, its spectacular coastlines and its charming villages, this province offers several unusual accommodations that will take your breath away.

Discover our choice of 10 unusual accommodations and glamping experiences in NB that will immerse you in the heart of a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Get ready to discover unusual accommodations, testimonies to the originality and diversity of New Brunswick.

1. Quisibis Dômes glamping dome

Edmundston, New Brunswick

If you’re dreaming of a getaway that combines luxurious comfort with total immersion in nature, then Quisibis Domes’  unusual New Brunswick glamping dome accommodation experience is the perfect stay.

Located in the heart of nature, near the Green River, these glamping domes in NB offer a unique fusion of luxury accommodation and proximity to the wild forest promising you an unforgettable stay.

Reconnect with nature in unusual accommodation

The domes of Quisibis combine elegance and adventure, offering a glamping stay in the heart of nature. Each dome is designed with an innovative accommodation concept, offering you a spacious and comfortable space, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Domes with a comfortable and luxurious interior

Enjoy the comfort of a full indoor kitchen where you can whip up gourmet meals and a relaxing lounge area while being surrounded by the great outdoors of the forest.

The geodesic domes of Quisibis are a unique unusual accommodation

Quisibis Dômes geodesic domes offer unparalleled outdoor space while protecting you from the winter cold. Enjoy river or forest views from the comfort of your dome, creating a memorable stay.

Private jacuzzis for a moment of absolute relaxation

Imagine taking a hot bath in your own private jacuzzi, surrounded by the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The domes of Quisibis offer this luxury experience, where you can relax and recharge your batteries in complete privacy, far from the daily hustle and bustle.

 See all the domes available for unforgettable unusual accommodation

2. Royal stay at the Castle Inn

Nestled on a hill in the enchanting New Brunswick landscape, the Castle Inn presents itself as a rare gem for travelers looking for an unusual lodging experience. With its impressive architecture and castle-like ambiance, this establishment promises a stay full of majesty and comfort.

A castle, the perfect unusual accommodation in the heart of New Brunswick

From the moment you arrive, the Castle Inn’s unusual architecture will capture your imagination. This remarkable building evokes the essence of a castle, adding a touch of mystery to your stay, far from ordinary accommodation.

3. Floating houses

Do you have your sea legs? This unusual accommodation offers you a luxurious experience aboard a houseboat with a fully equipped kitchen, barbecue, fire pit, jacuzzi, water slide and many more equipment.

Savor relaxing moments under the sun on the rooftop, followed by a refreshing swim in the waters of the Saint John River to fully experience this dream getaway in unusual accommodation in New Brunswick.

4. Take an unusual retreat in a teepee

If you’re looking for an authentic, close-to-nature experience, immerse yourself in the serenity of a teepee retreat in the heart of New Brunswick. Discover how Metepenagiag offers much more than just accommodation, but an immersion in the cultural richness of the First Nations.

Immerse yourself in the Culture of an unforgettable indigenous experience

Your teepee stay in Metepenagiag goes beyond just unusual accommodation. It is an immersion in indigenous culture, where you will discover the traditions, crafts and spirituality that make this retreat a unique and memorable experience.

5. A rustic chalet

For winter camping, nothing beats renting a good old rustic cabin. What makes this unusual accommodation? The rustic chalet does not offer any amenities.

You must bring your own water supply, as there is no direct water source at the chalet. Bring a sleeping bag designed for winter to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

Bring your own mattress, as these are not provided. Bring food for your stay. Don’t forget your dishes for meals. Make sure you have matches or a lighter to light the fireplace. A lantern will be useful to light up the evenings.

Experience a moment of yesteryear in this unusual accommodation in New Brunswick.

 6. Stay on Broadleaf Ranch

Broadleaf Ranch is a true western paradise in New Brunswick. Between cabins with rustic charm, breathtaking equestrian experiences and gourmet cuisine, discover a unique adventure that combines the authenticity of the Wild West with modern comfort.

Unusual accommodation with rustic charm

Get the ranch experience from the start with cabins with rustic charm. These unusual accommodations immerse you in the atmosphere of the Wild West while offering modern comfort, creating a unique retreat in the heart of New Brunswick nature.

Explore the ranch lands on horseback

Let yourself be carried away by unforgettable equestrian experiences at Broadleaf Ranch. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, explore the ranch’s vast grounds on horseback for a complete immersion in the art of horseback riding.

Adventure camps for children

For young and old children alike, an unforgettable stay awaits them at the Ranch this summer. Among the unusual accommodations in this article, the Broadleaf Ranch is the only one to offer a horseback day camp! In addition to horseback riding on the hiking trails, your children will have the opportunity to do a multitude of other activities:

7.A drop of water as unusual accommodation

Believe it or not, it is possible to sleep in a drop of water in New Brunswick! The Oasis in Fundy National Park, in the middle of the forest, offers this unusual accommodation out of the ordinary.

Equipped with a sofa convertible into a bed and a mezzanine with a hammock, this getaway promises moments of relaxation and bonding. Spend an unforgettable night, under a starry sky that will leave you with lasting memories.

Accommodation inclusions

Inside, a wooden ladder guides you to a mezzanine with a hammock, offering an elevated escape for moments of relaxation.

The Ôasis can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children (under the limit of 160 kg for both children), ensuring family conviviality. You will also have a broom, dust collector, fire extinguisher, smoke and carbon monoxide detector for your safety.

The Ôasis units at Lakeview Campground are heated, ensuring optimal comfort throughout your getaway.

Simple and practical exterior

Outside, you will find a parking area for one vehicle, a picnic table, two chairs and a fireplace, it’s almost a complete kitchen!

See details of Ôasis accommodation

8. An ecological yurt

Do you want to treat yourself to a vacation in extraordinary accommodation while remaining eco-friendly?

The Birch Yurt in Grand Manin has everything to please you! You won’t want for anything with its functional kitchen, its Queen and double beds as well as its compostable toilet.

The beautiful Grand-Manan area offers sightseeing tours to see whales, beaches of various types, paddle boarding and more.

9. A night in jail in Dorchester

Live a unique experience, where history meets the unusual. The Dorchester prison in New Brunswick is opening the doors of its old cells in an unconventional way for an unusual type of accommodation. You have the opportunity to rent a cell for an unforgettable night in one of the most unusual accommodations.

Unusual accommodation with a remarkable history

Your night at Dorchester Prison transports you to a period cell, carefully preserved to maintain its authentic charm. No excessive renovation has altered the very essence of this space, creating a total immersion in history.

Discover the secrets of the prison

Your owner-guide will take you through the history-filled corridors of the prison. Explore preserved cells, discover authentic details and hear unique stories that bring Dorchester’s prison past to life.

A unique experience

Unlike other accommodations where comfort and inclusions abound, your night in this prison is not of the same kind.

Indeed, this unusual accommodation does not offer you the amenities necessary for a luxury stay. Although it offers you a shared bathroom, wifi and parking space, this prison does not have a full kitchen or heating.

You must also bring your own sheets and towels. Would you be ready to face your fears to spend a night in a cell?

10. Worthy of a childhood dream at the Miramichi campsite

Imagine yourself perched in a treehouse, an experience that transcends childhood. These high-perched houses, worthy of the wildest daydreams, become the portal to magical memories. Camping Miramichi offers the space where reality and imagination meet, creating a playground for children’s dreams.

Merge with nature

Camping Miramichi extends over an area of ​​more than 80 hectares in the heart of the Miramichi region. Located on the banks of the Black River, this family campground offers an immersive experience among majestic pines, where the beauty of nature dazzles you from the moment you arrive.

 frequently asked Questions

What amenities are included in unusual accommodation?

Unusual accommodation offers a unique experience, often combining the charm of the unusual with modern comfort. Amenities generally include quality bedding, private sanitary facilities and, in some cases, a fully equipped kitchen.

The emphasis is placed on harmonious integration with nature, thus offering terraces or privileged views. Wi-Fi and electricity are often available, although some places favor total disconnection.

Extras such as private spas, local packed lunches or outdoor activities can also be offered to enrich the experience.

What is unusual accommodation?

Unusual accommodation is a form of accommodation that is out of the ordinary, offering a unique and memorable experience. This can range from treehouses, yurts, domes under the stars, to old mills or repurposed wagons.

These accommodations are designed for those looking to escape the daily routine and get closer to nature or enjoy a special cultural experience. The focus is often on sustainability, integration into the local environment and an immersive experience that challenges traditional hotel stays.

What is the price per night for unusual accommodation?

The price per night of unusual accommodation can vary considerably depending on several factors such as location, comfort level, season and included services.

In general, rates can start between $200 and $500 per night for simpler options and can reach several thousand dollars per night for luxury or very exclusive accommodations.

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