What to bring for glamping - glamping checklist, must bring.

What to bring for glamping ?

The big moment has arrived: you’ve booked a glamping nb experience! But once the excitement wears off, one question nags your mind: “What should I absolutely have on my glamping packing list?” » Don’t panic, we’re here to answer them.

At Quisibis Dômes, our glamping getaways in nature allow you to reconnect with yourself and with nature.

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What to bring for glamping ?

The glamping essentials

What are the must-have items for an upcoming glamping trip? Some are obvious, while others might not immediately come to mind. For those who embrace the glamorous side of camping, we’ve curated a list of upscale additions to enhance your experience.


When embarking on a glamping adventure, bringing lights such as flashlights is paramount. While luxurious accommodations may provide ample lighting, having personal sources of illumination ensures safety and convenience, especially during nighttime activities. Flashlights not only help in navigating dark paths or finding items within your tent but also add an element of ambiance to outdoor evenings.

Additionally, they serve as a practical tool for signaling for help in emergencies, making them an indispensable asset for any glamper seeking to elevate their outdoor experience while maintaining preparedness on their glamping site.


Bringing a cooler on a glamping trip is indispensable for preserving perishable food and beverages while enhancing the overall experience. Unlike traditional camping, where roughing it might mean sacrificing culinary delights, glamping often involves gourmet meals and refreshing drinks.

A cooler ensures that delicate ingredients stay fresh, beverages remain chilled, and snacks are readily available throughout the trip. Additionally, a well-stocked cooler allows for flexibility in meal planning, enabling campers to indulge in culinary creativity without worrying about food spoilage. Whether enjoying a picnic by the lake or hosting a barbecue under the stars, a reliable cooler is an essential companion for any glamper seeking to savor the finer aspects of outdoor living.

Bug spray

Bringing bug spray on a glamping trip is essential for ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor experience. In the midst of nature, pesky insects can quickly become unwelcome guests, disrupting relaxation and potentially causing discomfort or irritation. Bug spray provides a protective barrier against mosquitoes, ticks, flies, and other biting insects, reducing the risk of insect-borne illnesses and minimizing the annoyance of incessant buzzing and itching. By warding off these pests, bug spray allows campers to fully immerse themselves in the beauty of their surroundings without the distraction of constant swatting or discomfort. It’s a small but crucial item that can make a significant difference in the overall enjoyment of a glamping adventure.

Toiletries for glamping

If you’re lodging at one of our deluxe glamping spots, it’s likely that you’ll only require your usual selection of beauty products. No need to bring your own toilet paper! However, it’s wise to confirm this with your accommodations prior to your trip. Here’s a rundown of the toiletries you might consider bringing for your glamping excursion:

* Paper towels

* Toothbrush and toothpaste

* Hair dryers

* Lip balm

* Nail scissors

* Beach towels and bath towels

* Hair ties

* Reusable water bottles

Clothing for glamping

The clothes you should bring on any upcoming winter or summer glamping trip will surely depend on the season. Nevertheless, warm clothes is always a must for those chilly nights.


With proper layers to keep you warm and careful preparation for inclement weather, winter can offer an exceptional opportunity for a glamping experience. Here’s a guide on what essentials to pack for your winter glamping adventure. Your list should include outwear like coats, hiking boots, mittens and a warm hat. Jumpers, thermal wear, a long sleeve shirt and wool socks might also be useful.


Summer usually ranks as the prime season for glamping adventures. Here’s a guide to what you should pack for your summer glamping trip. Your summer glamping wardrobe should include: shorts, t-shirts, lots of layers, lightweight clothing, swimwear, warm clothing and a rain jacket in case the weather changes, flip flops, hiking shoes or hiking boots.

Our magnificent glamping tents are the perfect getaway for any season!

Food and cooking supplies for glamping

Numerous glamping sites provide convenient on-site dining or are situated near restaurants, perfect for those who prefer not to hassle with meal planning. However, for a more traditional outdoor experience, cooking your own meals is ideal. While camp food often receives criticism, with proper preparation, it’s entirely possible to whip up delicious dishes with minimal effort! A well-equipped kitchen setup typically includes a cooler to keep perishables fresh, a Dutch oven for versatile cooking options like stews, roasts, and even baking, and a small stove top for quick and efficient meal preparation. With these essential tools on hand, campers can enjoy the convenience and satisfaction of preparing hearty and flavorful meals during their time in nature with us.

Tools and supplies for glamping

The modern amenities of our glamping accommodations simplify the camping experience by reducing the usual workload. There’s no need to worry about packing or assembling tents, sleeping bags, bed linen or mats.

Duct tape

Duct tape boasts strength, flexibility, and adherence to various surfaces, rendering it the perfect remedy for numerous challenges you might face during your stay. Utilize it for swift repairs to a torn tent or sleeping bag, seal food packets, or mend a cracked water container – the potential applications are limitless!

Wireless speaker

A good quality wireless speaker can transform your outdoor adventures into a vibrant celebration. What’s more, these speakers don’t require a power outlet, allowing you to bring them along on hikes or keep them by your bedside. Whether you’re cooking, roasting marshmallows, or lounging in a hammock, you can enhance the ambiance with your favorite tunes.


Enhance your glamping pod adventure by adding a hammock to elevate your comfort. Hammocks provide a soothing spot to rock yourself to sleep at night or unwind after a morning hike. Safely suspended from trees, some hammocks can even accommodate multiple people. Pair yours with plush pillows and cozy blankets to craft a snug retreat amidst the tranquility of nature.

Tips for glamping trip

Embarking on a glamorous camping adventure offers the perfect blend of luxury and outdoor escapade. Whether you’re a seasoned glamper or a newcomer to the experience, mastering the art of glamping requires careful preparation and attention to detail. There are numerous tips and tricks to ensure a memorable and enjoyable glamping excursion. In this guide, we’ll explore a range of expert tips to elevate your glamping experience and make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

Choosing a great glamping location

Choosing the perfect glamping location sets the stage for an unforgettable outdoor retreat, and Quisibis domes offer an unparalleled experience amidst nature’s beauty. These innovative domes combine comfort and sustainability, providing a unique accommodation option for adventurous travelers. With Quisibis, you can immerse yourself in stunning landscapes while enjoying the luxuries of modern amenities. From secluded forest hideaways to picturesque mountain vistas, Quisibis domes offer a range of destinations to suit every traveler’s preferences. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, selecting a Quisibis dome ensures a truly memorable glamping experience.

Ready to book your stay? Take a look at our vast selection of luxurious domes.

Bring friends and family in your glamping trip

Bringing friends and family along on your glamping adventure with Quisibis domes promises an unforgettable bonding experience. These spacious and eco-friendly accommodations provide the perfect setting for creating cherished memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re gathering around the campfire to play with a deck of cards or embarking on exciting outdoor activities together, Quisibis domes offer ample space and comfort for everyone to enjoy. With customizable options and stunning locations, Quisibis ensures that your glamping trip becomes a cherished getaway shared with those closest to you.

Keep things simple

Keeping things simple on a glamping trip is the key to a stress-free and enjoyable outdoor experience. Embracing minimalist living allows you to focus on connecting with nature and unwinding from the hustle and bustle of daily life. With Quisibis domes, you can simplify your packing list and leave behind the clutter of modern amenities without sacrificing comfort. These eco-friendly accommodations provide all the essentials you need for a cozy retreat in the wilderness, allowing you to relax and recharge in style.

One-pot cooking

Opting for one-pot cooking is a fantastic way to simplify meal preparation and keep things hassle-free during your glamping adventure. By utilizing versatile one-pot recipes that require minimal ingredients and cleanup you are keeping things simple. Whether you’re simmering a hearty stew over a campfire or whipping up a flavorful pasta dish on a portable stove, one-pot meals offer convenience.

Connect with nature

It is so enjoyable to connect with nature during a glamping trip, because it offers a rejuvenating escape from the hustle of everyday life. With Quisibis domes, you can immerse yourself in the serene beauty of natural landscapes while enjoying the comforts of modern accommodations. From waking up to the sound of birds chirping to stargazing under the open sky, every moment spent in nature rejuvenates the soul. Whether you’re exploring scenic trails, lounging by a tranquil lake, or simply basking in the peaceful ambiance of your surroundings, make sure to reconnect with nature and fully experience the wonders of the great outdoors.



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