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What to do in New Brunswick ?

New Brunswick, a Canadian province bordered by the Bay of Fundy, offers a rich experience combining breathtaking landscapes, captivating history and culinary delights. This comprehensive guide will take you through this fascinating region, exploring iconic locations, captivating activities and unforgettable local flavors.

1. Stay in a glamping dome

Treat yourself to a unique experience by staying in a glamping dome in New Brunswick . Immerse yourself in nature while enjoying modern comfort. These unusual accommodations offer a memorable getaway, allowing you to fully enjoy the enchanting landscape of the province.

2. Visit Fundy National Park

Discover natural splendor by visiting Fundy National Park. Explore its walking trails, admire the high tides of the Bay of Fundy and dive into the diversity of the seabed. The park offers an immersive experience in the wild beauty of New Brunswick.

3. The Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks are a geological wonder not to be missed during your visit. These unique rock formations carved by the tides of the Bay of Fundy create a spectacular landscape. Exploring at low tide reveals these remarkable formations, providing unforgettable photo opportunities.

4. Visit the historic village of New Brunswick

Immerse yourself in history by visiting the historic village of New Brunswick. Explore the cobbled streets, admire the picturesque little houses and discover the architectural evolution of these first dwellings. An immersive visit that transports you into the province’s rich past.

5. Adventure at Kouchibouguac National Park

Live an unforgettable adventure at Kouchibouguac National Park. Discover its bike trails, explore the salt marsh and enjoy the varied activities. This park offers an immersive experience in the preserved nature of New Brunswick, ideal for lovers of outdoor activities.

6. Adventure at Kouchibouguac National Park

Extend your adventure at Kouchibouguac National Park by discovering more of its natural treasures. Explore the hiking trails, dive into the white waters and admire the diversity of ecosystems. A getaway in the heart of nature for an enriching experience.

7. Exploration of the Pays de la Sagouine

Immerse yourself in history and culture as you explore the Pays de la Sagouine. Discover artisan shops, attend theatrical performances and soak up the authentic atmosphere of this iconic place. An immersive exploration into the heart of Acadian heritage.

8. Cruise on the Saint John River

Enjoy a scenic cruise on the Saint John River. Admire the riverside scenery, learn about the region’s history, and experience a relaxing adventure on the tranquil waters. An unforgettable maritime experience to complete your stay in New Brunswick.

9. Getaway to Miscou

Take a getaway to Miscou and explore this picturesque island. Discover the Miscou lighthouse, access the famous rocks and enjoy a leisurely stroll. A laid-back day by the water for a relaxed getaway.

10. Discovery of Nature at Mount Carleton

Immerse yourself in nature at Mount Carleton, the highest mountain in the Maritimes. Explore mountain bike trails, admire scenic views, and learn about local wildlife. A perfect outdoor getaway for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best activities to do as a couple?

Couples will find what they’re looking for in New Brunswick with a multitude of romantic activities. Start with a stay in a glamping dome for a unique experience.

Then explore Fundy National Park hand in hand, discover the Hopewell Rocks together and share a relaxing cruise on the Saint John River.

For a historical touch, visit the historic village and immerse yourself in the Acadian atmosphere at Pays de la Sagouine.

Then finish your couple’s trip with a getaway to Miscou, where you can stroll along peaceful beaches and admire the Miscou Lighthouse at sunset.

Why visit New Brunswick?

New Brunswick offers a diversity of experiences that make it a destination of choice. Discover the unique natural beauty of Fundy National Park, with its exceptional tides and scenic walking trails.

The Hopewell Rocks, true geological gems, and the charming historic New Brunswick village will transport you back in time.

Adventure seekers will enjoy Kouchibouguac National Park and Mount Carleton, offering activities such as mountain biking and exploring the wilderness.

Add to that the rich Acadian culture in Pays de la Sagouine and the culinary pleasures of the Saint John City Market, and you will have every reason to visit this Canadian province.

What free activities to do in New Brunswick?

Explore New Brunswick without spending a penny by discovering free activities. Go on a road trip and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Fundy Trail Parkway National Park, with its scenic viewpoints and free hiking trails.

The Acadian Historical Village offers an immersion in history without entry fees, while the Saint John City Market allows you to wander through its colorful stalls for free.

Don’t miss a leisurely stroll in Kouchibouguac National Park, where access to hiking trails is free. Finally, short walks along the Saint John River or in the fishing village of Saint Andrews offer a picturesque experience without spending money.

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