Where to go glamping in New Brunswick?

Where to go glamping in New Brunswick?

Glamping, a fusion of glamor and camping, is increasingly appealing to adventure seekers who seek an outdoor experience that combines comfort and nature.

If you’re looking for a glamping getaway in New Brunswick , we’ve rounded up the best places to go glamping for you.

Go glamping in Rivière-Verte with Quisibis Dômes

If you’re looking for an exceptional glamping experience in New Brunswick, don’t miss the opportunity to stay in the unique domes of Quisibis Dômes.

Nestled among the trees and bordered by the Quisibis River in Rivière-Verte, these unusual accommodations offer total immersion in nature while ensuring high-end comfort.

The elegance of the domes of Quisibis Dômes

Quisibis Dômes offers, through the choice of its location, an immersive getaway in the heart of New Brunswick nature. Whether you prefer panoramic river views, exceptional light or forest views, each site has been meticulously chosen to create a unique NB glamping experience .

Comfort without compromise

Inside the domes, a spacious and elegant atmosphere welcomes you. Cozy beds, modern amenities and thoughtfully designed decor create a warm and welcoming space.

A complete kitchen

Visitors have access to a full kitchen, carefully equipped to meet all their culinary needs. Every detail has been taken into account to provide an exceptional glamping experience, without compromising on comfort. Each full kitchen is equipped with modern appliances, quality cookware, and all the equipment needed to prepare delicious meals.

Modern bathroom

Whether relaxing after a day of outdoor exploration or starting the day off right, our modern bathrooms are designed to meet the needs of our most discerning visitors.

Private spa on your terrace

In the domes of Quisibis Dômes, visitors can enjoy added luxury with a jacuzzi installed on their private terrace. This exclusive addition provides a relaxing and immersive experience in the heart of nature, allowing guests to unwind while enjoying soothing panoramic views.

Book a stay with Quisibis Dômes

Staying at Kouchibouguac National Park

Nestled on the east coast of New Brunswick, Kouchibouguac National Park offers total immersion in wilderness, with glamping accommodations that redefine outdoor comfort.

Imagine luxurious tents already set up, equipped with cozy beds, stylish furniture and sometimes even private bathrooms, for a high-end camping experience in the heart of the biodiversity of the region.

Go glamping in the Bay of Fundy

Discover the natural wonders of the Bay of Fundy while relaxing in glamping accommodations along the coast. Sites offer different types of accommodation to offer you a unique stay:

Ôasis at Point Wolfe Campground

Treat yourself to a short getaway as a couple or as a family in this teardrop-shaped accommodation, equipped with a sofa convertible into a bed and a mezzanine with hammock.

A yurt at the administration campground

Fundy yurts represent a contemporary interpretation of the traditional yurt. Designed to combine comfort and warmth during the winter season, these homes feature insulated walls and roofs, while a propane stove ensures a pleasant interior temperature.

 oTENTiks from Headquarters, Chignecto or Point Wolfe

oTENTiks offer a generous fusion of tent and rustic cabin, complete with beds and furniture, all on a raised floor.

See available accommodation in Fundy

A stay at Mactaquac Provincial Park

Situated on the shores of Lake Mactaquac, this park offers glamping options with tents already pitched, equipped with comfortable beds and sometimes even an outdoor kitchen. Enjoy water activities on the lake and surrounding trails while staying in comfortable accommodation that merges harmoniously with nature.

Enjoy glamping by the sea at Parlee Beach

Parlee Beach is recognized as one of the most magnificent in North America, boasting the warmest salt water in Canada and proudly displaying the international Blue Flag certification.

Frequently asked questions about where to go glamping in New Brunswick

 Where is the best place to go glamping in New Brunswick?

Choosing the best place to go glamping in New Brunswick depends on your personal preferences, the area you want to explore, and the activities you want to include in your stay.

For a glamping dome , Quisibis Dômes is the benchmark, offering you a luxurious stay to reconnect with nature.

 How to find where to go glamping in New Brunswick?

To find glamping options in New Brunswick, you can explore several sources, online such as provincial park sites, social media and travel agencies.

What are the national parks where you can go glamping in New Brunswick?

Kouchibouguac National Park and Fundy National Park are popular places for glamping in New Brunswick, offering furnished tents and yurts.

 Where can I book a glamping getaway in NB?

To rent a glamping site in New Brunswick, you can explore different options depending on your preferences and the region you want to discover. In Rivière Verte, you can book a glamping dome easily with Quisibis Dômes.

What activities can I do during a glamping trip to New Brunswick?

Activities vary depending on location, but can include hiking, swimming, water sports, nature trips, and more.

 Where can I go glamping in a dome in New Brunswick?

Located on the edge of the forest, on the banks of the Quisibis River in Rivière-Verte, Quisibis Dômes offers you a 4-season Glamping experience in carefully designed geodesic domes.

See the domes

 Where are the most beautiful places in NB?

The Rivière-Verte region

Rivière-Verte and its surrounding areas offer a peaceful and natural setting, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a more tranquil experience in northwest New Brunswick.

Fundy National Park

Known for having the highest tides in the world, this region offers spectacular coastal scenery. Explore the trails, watch the birds and see the unique rock formations.

Mount Carleton Provincial Park

This park offers landscapes of mountains, lakes and forests. Mount Carleton, the highest point in the Maritimes, offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.

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